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August 7, 2013 (30 cards, -300 hearts)
- Stampcard: mv-pinocchiodanger17, mv-iamthebest10, mv-theoryofhappiness10, nominwoo11
- Love Shop (Random): photo-flyhigh01, mv-nomoredream03, l05, 2ne117 (-800 hearts)
- Frog Prince: photo-casiobabyg06, leo12
- MV Roulette: photo-thering09, kimsoohyun07, photo-kissme06, 200hearts
- Henry's Kitchen: mv-dontcry15
- Nugu?: mv-mamakv04, yonghwa04
- Pepero Kisses: junk17, mv-dreamgirl03, kara14
- What Does That Mean?!: mv-step13, changmin04
- Sexy Slots: leejongsuk02, mv-mine04, mv-mamakv16, daehyun10, 100hearts
- Magnae Woes: photo-igotaboy05, sulli16, photo-thefirstcollage03, peniel15, tvxq16, 200 hearts

August 4, 2013
 (8 cards, - hearts)
- New Decks: jeonjihyun14, mv-beautifultarget05, mv-dontcry01, kiseop03
- Stampcard: seungri16, changmin08, tvxq01, 4minute18

August 3, 2013
 (4 cards, -800 hearts)
- Love Shop (Random): photo-electricshock07, parkshinhye02, photo-dazzlinggirl14, mv-byebyehappydaysjv19 (-800hearts)

August 1, 2013
 (2 cards, 200 hearts)
Food Porn: eric11, shinhwa16, 200hearts

July 30, 2013
 (8 cards, 300 hearts)
- Incognito: zico11, mv-iamthebest10, henry12
- Puzzle: taemin07, nominwoo10, 200hearts
- Cuecard Hangman: hara05, yooneunhye08, 100hearts
- Update: drama-hwangtaekyung13, character decks event card

July 30, 2013
 (16 cards, 1000 hearts)
- Puzzle: photo-grown16, mv-geniejv01, 200hearts
- Magnae Woes: yonghwa09, bom14, uee17, mv-pinocchiodanger08, leejongsuk05, 200 hearts
- Heartchu Pop: mv-thislove14, photo-thereturn10, kimsoohyun11, 200hearts
- MV Roulette: junk17, mv-vvip12, mv-getout01, 200hearts
- Double Vision: fei04, mv-step16, photo-theclassic04, 200hearts

July 28, 2013
 (2 cards, 200 hearts)
- Food Porn: mv-iamthebest17, blockb08, 200hearts

July 27, 2013
 (30 cards, 200 hearts)
- Starter Pack: sulli02, photo-vita50013, mv-nomercy15, photo-lovingu03, minzy20, luna19, mv-icecream14, cnblue18, leo06, bom07, kimsoohyun02, kimsoohyun11, kimsoohyun17
- New Deck: withoutyou07,  photo-virgin04, soyu18
- Games: photo-perfection11, girlsday18, sistar12, mv-breakdown10, mv-alone14, beast20, seoinyoung05, 100hearts, mv-thislove05, photo-welcometotheblock10, mv-adtoy16, photo-whatsupwere2ne107, doojoon18, janggeunsuk12, woohyun07, 100hearts
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